Gingerbread Greenhouse: Final Reveal

Here it is, in all it's glory. The gingerbread greenhouse! This was a marathon of a baking project. We went little by little, but when I think back, it certainly took a considerable amount of time!

One of my favorite parts about this house is how there is interest on the inside and out; peering into the greenhouse through the front door or the vented window recreates some of the mystery you feel when looking into a life-size greenhouse. The light passing through the windows invites you to look inside and see all of our teeny tiny plants. 

Everything we used to make the house is edible, except for the base, which is a cookie sheet covered in foil. For the outside decoration I added piping and candy edging, made from mini m&m's, and spicedrops. The ground has some coconut snow, and Nilla Wafer dirt, as well as Nilla Wafer Stepping stones. I added my favorite brazil nut stone wall to the lower half of the greenhouse, and some raised beds in the yard, and a little potted plant props the door open in the front. 

Thank you for reading a long with us this year! We hope you've had an excellent holday season; we're ready to start of 2016 with a bang!