Greenhouse inspiration: Logee's

This year we decided to take on a pretty big challenge in creating a Gingerbread house in the shape of a Green house. Before we do the big reveal we want to share a couple of the greenhouses that we've seen that inspired culinary version that we made this year.

Logee's is one of the most special man-made places I have ever been; of course it has had an awful lot of help from plants. Logee's Greenhouses are in Danielson, Connecticut and exist as an arm of their retail store. You can also buy plants  from them online or through their catalog, but plopped down in Connecticut are 5 greenhouses that are filled with great plants.

TERRACOTTA Pots ENGULFED by a root ball

TERRACOTTA Pots ENGULFED by a root ball

 Logee's specializes in unique plants, and walking up and down th aisles is a one of a kind experience. Textures and layers of plants in every color and type will greet you on your explorations around their William Logee opened his greenhouse in 1892 and started collecting plants. Some of those plants are still in the greenhouse from the early days (think 1900) and add to the ambiance and the lush feel that can only come from plants that have been around for a long time and have had a chance to fully engulf the space that they are in.

I had quite a collection of Logee's plants that I gave away when we moved and I never see those types anywhere else. Since we moved, they are dispersed to many of my friends and I hope they are enjoying them as much as I did. If or when we move back east I am going to make a beeline back to Logee's for the wave of feeling you get in prescence of old, amazing plants, and take home a carload!