Seattle Bound

We're hunkered down in South Carolina visiting Ben's mom and our good friends, we're leaving for Seattle later this week, and moving on to the newest chapter in our life. It is very strange living in limbo, with all of our things waiting for us in Seattle. The move is stari=ting to feel more real, but only in the strangest and vaguest way possible. Only time in Seattle will make it seem like reality.

I thought I better share the things we're most excited about before we go, because I know our ideas will change very quickly once we arrive.

Without further ado, here are the top ten things that excite us about moving to Seattle:

The Top Ten Things That Excite Us About Seattle

Riding Ferries and Functioning Public Transportation 

The first time we visited Seattle a few years ago, we drove our little rental car onto the ferry on the way out to the Olympic Peninsula. The ferries are so integrated and part of everyday life that we didn't realize the end of the google directions for the ride back had us hopping onto another ferry. Luckily they come pretty often, and we didn't have to wait for very long.

I'm sure the ferry novelty will wear off quickly, but for right now the idea of possibly using a ferry as a common mode of transportation sounds fairly exciting.

The bus system in Seattle actually functions, compared to a lackluster public transportation system in Baltimore, and we are really excited about not having to rely on a car to get to everyplace we need to go.

Beecher's Cheese

This is my favorite place in Seattle (so far)! We wandered into Beecher's by chance for lunch and they have a great selection of cheesy foods. They have a lunch counter, where you can eat your mac and cheese, and also watch them make cheese through a window in their work area. Additionally, Beecher's has a great cheese counter and all the cheese we'll ever need! 

Lichen and Moss

I am a long time lichen and moss enthusiast, and I don't think I could move anywhere that would fuel my lichen love more than Washington. I take more pictures of moss than the average person, and in Washington, the trees look like they have fuzzy, muppet arms and I am so excited to fill my instagram feed with all the new types of lichen and moss I find.

Water and Parks

Along with my above average love of lichen and moss, I also harbour intense feelings toward the ocean and water. Seattle is surrounded by water and amazing green spaces that I can access really easily. Our apartment is within walking distance to the water, so I can see it every. single. day. I am really excited by the scenery and walking potential, it will be much better than my current walking route!

Salmon Candy

I am not into Salmon Candy, but Ben will speak to strangers about it for extended periods of time. Salmon candy is not really what it sounds like, it's actually just salmon smoked with brown sugar, so if you liked smoked salmon, this would probably be up you alley too.  Ben is thrilled that Salmon Candy will be added to his normal diet.

Mild, Sunny Summer

Baltimore is know for its hot, humid, summers. Last year we had a delightful Summer, but it was an oddball. Typically, it is just too hot and uncomfortable to do anything for long periods of time outside, and living without air conditioning? Please, that is just asking for months of misery.

Well, Seattle is supposed to have pleasant Summers, with temperatures hovering around 75° and sun filled days. This sounds really perfect, and I'm excited to get to know the city during the nicer months of the year.

New Jobs

We are definitely comfortable in our jobs that we have now, but we're both ready for a change. Ben has been given a great opportunity for his career, and I hope one will follow for me too. I'll be the first to admit that I am scared to leave our comfort zone, and I'm afraid about the uncertainty that lies ahead, but I'm also excited. I know that change is good, and this is the time to take risks. The next few months will be challenging, but whatever happens, we will certainly learn some new things about ourselves. Ben and I are especially lucky to have each other to lean on, and push each other, I'm not sure if I cold handle such a big change without a partner in crime.

New cities in Our Backyard to Explore

We know the eastern seaboard, we've traveled to all sorts of places and seen little towns and highlights along the way. I know exactly which cities are the cheapest to fly to from BWI, and how long it takes to get there, or if it is just better to drive.

Seattle is a new home base, I'm having fun dreaming up weekend trips for us to take from a new "point A." Beyond the close places like Portland and Vancouver, it is a little over $100 to fly roundtrip to San Francisco, and Colorado is now a cheap place to fly. The options for new, easy vacations are huge and we're excited to explore places that seemed out of reach from Baltimore.

Apples for Pies

Washington is a great place for Apples, Ben is really excited by all the new varieties we'll have access to and new pies to dream up. Who is coming to Seattle for "friends-giving" in early November? Huh? Huh? We know you want to.

Reason to Add to Our Coat Collection

Forget the heavy winter coats, we need lighter waterproof varieties! We have never had an issue adding to our coat collection in the past, so I know the new garment requirements will not be hard to achieve!

We're excited to jump into our new living situation and we'll be popping in to share what we find, living in our new home!