Plant Spotlight: Dracena Lemon Surprise

Botanical Name: DRACAENA deremerisis
Common Name: Dracena 'Lemon Surprise' 

Light Requirements: Partial to full sun, grows best in bright but indirect light. Will tolerate low light, but growth will be much slower.
Water Requirements: Allow soil to dry between waterings. Plant likes high humidity, place pebbles and water in a tray below the pot.
Size: Grows to 2' as a potted plant

On today's plant spotlight we have another one that is close to indestructible. It can take varying light conditions and will be ok if you forget a watering every once in a while.

We picked this up on a trip to Logee's, which is a completely magical place. We definitely recommend a visit if you are anywhere near Danielson, CT and are plant lovers--or even plant likers. The overgrown greenhouses are a sight to be seen!

Dracaena are popular house plants because of their exciting and colorful foliage. In particular, the Lemon Surprise has lime green leaves, with a dark green stripe in the center of the leaf, bordered by thin white lines. Plus, the leaves curl, adding a lot of volume and visual interest to this plant, a little reminiscent of Dr. Seuss truffula tree!

One drawback is that the Dracaena is hardy to zone 10, so if you keep your house cold in the winter (below 60°) this one won't be a good choice for you.

The color and texture of this plant is amazing, and it has stood up to less than ideal treatment, definitely a good plant for beginners.

Interested? You can buy this plant here from Logee's, where our plant and information came from.

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