Studio Visit: Paul Daniel


For about a month last Fall either Lili or I saw sculptor Paul Daniel every day. I saw him at my work: he has made countless mounts for objects at the Baltimore Museum of Art and he was there for a long stint leading up to the reopening of the American Wing. Lili saw him at her work: he installed a sculpture at Cylburn Arboretum, and was there often checking up on it, documenting it, and in general watching it go in the surprisingly windy hilltop. Paul makes public kinetic sculpture. If you've spent any time in Baltimore, you've seen his work, whether you know it or not. Once you see one, you start to see them all over the place! I always enjoy talking with him so I proposed doing an interview with him for the contemporary art magazine I write for I went over to Paul's studio and took many pictures as well as conducted an interview, check it out here. When Lili came to pick me up she got a refresher course in soldering!